Background and Testimonials


I’ve been a runner for as long as I can remember. With international athletes for parents and three older siblings, it’s fair to say I came from a strong athletic gene pool. We were the sort of children who drew battle lines around the front car seat, dominated the school sports day, and exercised a ‘survival of the fittest’ approach to meal times. Inevitably, I cultivated a competitive drive which I applied to a wide range of sports, despite being spectacularly average at most.

I decided to take running more seriously at age 16 after winning the English Schools' Athletics Championships title in the 1500m steeplechase. I earned my first international GB vest at the World Junior Championships in 2012 and won the British University Championships later that season. I continued to represent England and Great Britain in athletics and cross-country for several years whilst studying Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences at the University of Birmingham (UK).

At age 19, I followed my running dreams across the pond, taking up a scholarship at one of the best NCAA Division 1 distance universities in America - Florida State University - where I studied Interdisciplinary Social Sciences. One year later, I realised a lifetime ambition to compete in a Commonwealth Games, finishing 8th in the final of the 3000m steeplechase. Shortly after, I started to suffer the full-blown effects of RED-S and after graduating from Florida, I returned home to the UK where I struggled through a fragmented recovery process until I eventually came across the specialist guidance I needed.

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I have dedicated much of my free time over the past few years to research in the area of RED-S, delivering talks to raise awareness of some all-too-common health issues in sport and mentoring fellow athletes through a far smoother recovery process than my own. Whilst acknowledging that each individual and their environment is unique, I firmly believe that recovering from RED-S, eating disorders and amenorrhea is more than possible for anyone willing to take ownership over the issue themselves. Now, my aim is to support athletes with the resources they need to do so, whilst sharing some of the mistakes I made along the road to recovery and encouraging a 'bigger picture' approach to achieving health, happiness and success.

Runners World recently published this article outlining RED-S and a snapshot of my experience in far better words than my own. Find it here.

The Sunday Times shared my story in this feature following this Mary Cain article about RED-S.

I'm also a proud ambassador for FitrWoman. Find a Q&A with them here.


Pippa is an inspirational individual who has left no stone unturned in learning how to recover from RED-S and share her knowledge with others. She has been an amazing source of comfort, providing knowledge and advice in an area where there is so little support for athletes and parents. I cannot thank her enough for her ongoing support. - HK (runner)

I had been struggling with RED-S for around 2 years before I found Pippa. I wasn't taken seriously by doctors and my coach, family and friends were at a loss as to how they could help. I was frustrated and confused about what had happened and had so many questions about my weight, periods and injuries - but no one to help me find the answers. Pippa's ability to understand and relate to the challenges I was facing was not only reassuring but instrumental in both my mental and physical recovery. - AJ (triathlete)

As a parent, it has been reassuring to find someone to share my worries with and Pippa shows a genuine interest and empathy towards a situation that many find hard to understand. She always knows what to say to encourage action and help you move forward. Having achieved many successes in her field of sport and overcome many challenges and setbacks through sport herself, Pippa is able to relate to the emotional roller coaster that ensues when an athlete struggles to achieve their dreams and in turn can lose their identity. - JK (an athlete's parent)

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