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When I was experiencing my own RED-S problems, I had no idea what was happening and why. It took years of lining up the various pieces of my puzzle to make a self-diagnosis and reach out to the appropriate medical experts for help. All that time, I had felt isolated by my experiences and hadn't managed to find a single similiarly-problemed athlete to connect with.

When I eventually received the professional guidance I needed, I remember feeling struck by how theoretically basic, yet practically challenging, their advice was to apply. What would have helped beyond measure would’ve been a fellow athlete to talk to—someone who had been there and come through the other side. So, as soon as I felt able to, I wanted to become that person for you.

After spending years researching and recovering from my own problems, I became a mentor with the intention to compliment the guidance you may receive from medical experts. Whilst I can’t offer a quick-fix cure or prescription for your problem, my aim is to provide the support and experience that can sometimes be of more comfort than science.

I work with athletes of all ages (18 and above), genders, sports and abilities, alongside parents, coaches, friends and partners of athletes experiencing RED-S (whether or not they know what it is yet!). There is no minimum requirement for reaching out to talk. You do not need to have had stress fractures, missing periods or an eating disorder and you definitely don't need to consider your situation 'severe'. You only need be someone who is receptive to learning more about your problem and is motivated to become the healthiest, happiest version of yourself.

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If you are interested in organising a Workshop or Group Talk on topics surrounding RED-S, Resilience in Sport or Female Athlete Health from an athlete's perspective, head here.

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