Talks Service

Alongside providing one-to-one support via mentoring, I'm an experienced public speaker on topics including RED-S, eating disorders, and female athlete health. Sharing my experiences with other athletes, parents, coaches, schools, collages, clubs, fitness professionals and healthcare professionals, I aim to support the diagnosis and treatment of RED-S and HA in athletes and help others learn to recognise the signs of over-training or under-eating early on.

I was honoured to present on the topic of RED-S at the BBC Get Inspired Conference in 2019, facilitating open discussion with an audience of medics, sports performance directors and psychologists. You can read a review here.

Three Sisters Consultancy

Together, my two sisters and I form the Three Sisters Consultancy team. We deliver workshops and talks centered around topics such as psychological resilience and the 'striking the balance' to students, business and sports groups. Drawing on tips, tricks and tales from our own international sporting careers, we share our experiences of the mental and physical challenges we've faced, how we've been able to overcome them, and the lessons we've learnt along the way. To find out more, head here.